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RFID Cards

Dual Frequency HF + UHF RFID Cards.jpg

RFID Cards are available in three different frequencies:
LF – The most common IC used in 125 Khz Proximity Cards are TK4100, EM4200
HF – High Frequency cards are generally used when there is a memory requirement. The most common 13.56 Mhz chips used are NXP Mifare classic S50, S70, Desfire, F08, M1. UHF – Ultra High Frequency offers the farthest read distance among all. UHF Cards are generally used for Attendance, Parking, tracking. The most common types of chips are Alien Higgs 3, Ucode, Impinj



RFID tags are available in different Sizes depending on the application requirement. Rugged RFID Tags are Waterproof with an IP 67 rating designed to sustain in Challenging Environment Off Metal RFID tags are mainly used on non metal surfaces like plastic, wood, concrete. The Main applications of RFID non metal tags include : Pallet Identification & tracking, Waste Management, Plastic bin tracking, Asset Management

Rugged RFID Tags


RFID Cable Tie Tag/ Seal Tag is available in UHF, HF, NFC Chips used for tracking Millions of personal commercial/industrial products or packaging on a daily basis. It is Mainly used in tracking, security, and identification of packages, shipments, small containers, and other customized uses and can be widely applied in warehouse management, pallet, in-land transportation, cash bags, postal bags it is also suitable for the identification of big bags, tubes, metal boxes, small containers, and recycled material and cannot be removed without destroying it.

RFID Cable Tie Tag



IDTS – UTWTH3 is a wide band EPC CLASS 1 GEN 2 Tamper – proof Windshield tag having excellent read performance which makes it useful in Electronic Toll Collection, Vehicle Identification and Parking Management.

Features :

  • Peeling of tag will completely destroy tag and render it non-functional

  • High sensitive chip

  • EPC programmable

RFID Windshield tags


UHF RFID Hard Tags:

  • High Quality ABS/PC/Nylon/TPU/PPS/Silicone/PCB Material options

  • Reliable Durability & Performance

  • Fast Turnaround Time– 5 to 10 days

  • Industry Grade Sealing Using Ultrasonic Machines & Epoxy Potting

  • Customisation: Polyester label/Laser Marking/Engraving

  • Various Form Factors for All kinds of application

  • Various Attachment options: Adhesive/Riveting/Cable tie/Epoxy

UHF RFID Hard Tags

Container Seal RFID Tag.PNG

Container Bolt Seal Tag


Tree Nail Tags

Cattle RFID Tag.jpg

Cattle Tags

Wrist Bands


Jewelry Tags

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