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Non Industrial Solutions

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Campus Automation & Management

Grandes Mentes’s Campus Automation & Management helps educational institutions go fully automated without any human intervention further.  A fully automated process will capture all the data and movement of the students inside the campus. The institutions need to provide RFID-enabled cards to each student. The software will capture the data as per the requirement of the institution.


The application will help your institution in handling Attendance Tracking, Time tracking, Movement Tracking, Library Automation, Cashless payment - Fee/Fine/ Canteen Purchase.

Club Management

CMACS (Club Management and Access Control System) is RFID based Solution for automating club management.

Keeping a track of the loyal customers, giving them the required benefits, and recognizing customers at clubs will allow them to create an additional value against their competition.

For the same, the hospitality industry is now turning to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based solutions for smooth payment and secure access.

Hotel Gym

Library Automation

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new generation of auto-identification and data collection. It helps to automate business processes and allows the identification of tagged items like books, assets, people, and vehicle using radio waves.

RFID as technology is sparking interest in the library community because of a promising increase in efficiency, productivity, and enhanced user satisfaction. The solution would allow fast transaction flow and will prove immediate and long-term benefits to the library and security.

Hospital- Patient Tracking

Hospital- Patient Tracking (doctor visits, historical data etc): Grandes Mentes works with hospitals and clinics in order to provide the most advanced solutions in patient management and patient tracking.


We help them to capture every step of the patient journey with the solutions powered by RFID. The RFID solutions come handy in tracking and monitoring patients, helping doctors to provide optimal care and safety.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel Tracking

Our IoT and RFID-based solutions are efficient in managing and tracking solar panels. RFID Solar Panel Tracking Module incorporates innovative technology and extensive features to track and manage.  

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